About Us

Dear Readers,

Target magazine was born on a crisp winter morning at a time when people were rather grimly writing obituaries of reading as a habit. It was launched on Feb 5, 2015 with Mr. O Rajagopal handing over a copy of the magazine to Mr. Pirappancode Murali at a simple function at Kesari Hall, Thiruvananthapuram.

“Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth”, said Archimedes. Similar to what we asked of the discerning readers of Kerala – a little space to start with, in their spectrum. It is said that the Malayali accepts anything only after rigorous trial and observation. Rightfully so, we received the same treatment. That said, within months, Target became a regular fixture of their reading universe, despite the absence of popular genres like fiction and poetry.

In the fourth month of its operations (May, 2015), “Vaardhakyathinte Saamoohya Idam” (Social space of old age), published in the Target, received the prestigious Regent Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bhai memorial award instituted by Kshethreiya Kshema Samithi.

“Ozhukkinethere Neenthunna Target” (Target that swims against the tide), were the words used by former Kerala Chief Minister, Shr. VS Achuthanandan to describe our magazine on the occasion of our second anniversary – words that we will cherish as the biggest accolade for our efforts.

Enshrined in our tagline “Sathyapaksham, Puthiya Vayana” is the Gandhian wisdom of truth as the cornerstone of one’s existence.

Target is the outcome of an idea for a unique magazine that I nurtured for fifteen long years of my journalistic pursuits in Jaipur and Thiruvananthapuram. I have maintained the same ethical standard in my career that I have maintained in my personal life. That is a credo I live by, and is also at the very heart of Target.

“Change is the Law of Nature” goes the saying and no one is immune to it. Recognizing it, Target, Malayalam’s preferred magazine, is moving online, ready to open up to the world. Visit www.targetmagazine.in.

Chief Editor
Maamottil Jaymohan